Our Culture

There are 7 key values that we strive for in our Worship Arts ministry. These values are qualities that we desire to be engrained in all of our volunteers. When people talk about us, we hope that they will observe the following qualities in us. Please take time to carefully read through the 7 values of our Mission Church Worship Arts department. 

We Are Worshippers

Our relationship with God and desire to honor Him is the number one priority in our lives. 

Our hunger for God is something we seek to ever increase.

Our public ministry is the overflow of our individual relationship with God.

We long to be more like Christ and increase in our personal holiness.  

We have daily rhythms of worship through Scripture reading and prayer.  

We actively fight against sin in our lives.  ​

We hold each other accountable to God-honoring standards of living.

We Are Servants

We are humble. 

We seek to excellently use our craft to draw attention to Christ and away from ourselves. 

We choose simple, tasteful excellence over flashy extravagance. 

We put the needs of our congregation above our own stylistic preferences. 

We love to help.

We see things that need to be done and do them without being asked.

We receive feedback and coaching with humility and grace. 

We are willing to serve wherever there is a need.

There is no task or venue beneath us. 

​We are humble, teachable, and open to learning from one another.

We Are Committed

​We are committed to our church family and attend church even when not scheduled to serve. 

We show up on time (or early) for services when we’ve been scheduled. 

We do not have a habit of cancelling or backing out of responsibilities last minute. 

We have spent time practicing and know our parts before we arrive to rehearsals.

We remain mentally and spiritually engaged during our responsibilities.

We are “on the ball.” ​We attend all team meetings and make it a priority to be at other events related to Mission Church. 

We are committed to doing everything with excellence, every single time, because God deserves our best.​We pay attention to detail. 

We Are Encouragers

We build each other up with our words, actions and attitudes. 

We do not gossip or talk bad about team members or congregants.

We speak well and supportively of our church and our pastors in public.  

We encourage our congregants both on and off the platform to worship God with their lives.

We use our stage presence, body language, and countenance to encourage the congregation and spur them on in worship.

We identify and train up the next generation of worship musicians, leaders and technicians and help raise them up in their craft and calling.

​We share our knowledge and experience to help others succeed.

We help others surpass our own giftings and abilities.  

We give praise generously to others.

We Are Family

We love each other and love being together.

We do fun things together.

We eat, play, laugh, cry, and pray together.

We share each other’s burdens and pray regularly for each other.

We communicate openly and honestly about our opinions and feelings with one another.

We respectfully disagree with each other and carefully consider other’s points of view.

We desire the overall success of our team and are willing to pitch in to contribute to that success.

We need each other.

We Are Creative

We use art and creativity to draw people’s attention to God, enhance His truth, and stir people’s souls. 

We seek to paint the beauty of the gospel in new and fresh ways. We bring new ideas to the table. 

We dream, take risks, and think outside of the box. 

We are not afraid to innovate, experiment, and try new things. 

Our art rivals and surpasses the ungodly art of the world in excellence and craft.

We come up with creative solutions to problems we face in our ministries. 

We Are Progressing

We are constantly seeking to improve upon our skills because we desire to bring God our best. 

We practice and research our craft at home. 

We are self-starters, who take initiative to make things better. 

We never settle for mediocre. 

We pursue excellence because it points to a God who is excellent. 

We continually raise the bar for our ministries, making each week better than the last. 

We are up to date and modern with musical trends and technological abilities. 

We are expanding our knowledge into other spheres (ie: learning new musical instruments, learning sound).