Electric Guitar

Electric guitar has become a key factor in modern worship music, and a lot of weight is put on electric guitarists to create the energy, character and hooks of a song, both in tone and in style.  At Mission Church we encourage our electric guitarists to take on a modern electric guitar tone and style, pulling from influences like U2 and Coldplay for inspiration. The key here is not shredding, but playing simple, rhythmic and melodic patterns, that don’t distract from the vocal, lock in with the groove of the song, and help lift the song in the choruses. All new guitarists are required to watch the following training videos (listed below) before serving on the team. You should have your own amp and pedal board, set up for modern worship styles and sounds for practice at home or on stage use (The church does Provide a Line 6 POD hd 500X). We would also encourage you to be listening to what is modern and current in worship music. Check out bands like Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, Vertical Worship, and Bethel to see what we are wanting from our guitarists. The key is simplicity, repetition, rhythmic and melodic patterns. 

Watch The Following Online Courses

1)   Electric Guitar Tone Master Class by Worship Online
2) Electric Guitar Effects Course: ​​
Octave Pedal
Dotted 8th Delay
3)  11 Golden Rules for Worship Guitarists

4) Subscribe to Worship Tutorials:   https://www.youtube.com/user/brianwahlband PLEASE use this as a tool to learn more about playing lead guitar specific to a worship ministry setting. There is A TON of fantastic content for you to learn! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A JUMPING OFF POINT click on playlists and then guitar lessons, There is a mix of lessons there but plenty of videos specifically for lead guitar.

​Some Examples of Simple Rhythmic Pattern Parts