New Team
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Welcome! We are so excited to have you join our worship team! We are committed to bringing God and the Church our best so that we might point people to Christ through music!  This page is to give you all the practical information you need to succeed and feel comfortable as a new team member

Ear Buds: We use personal monitor stations for each musician, any earbuds work but for the best experience “in-ear Monitors” are recommended. You must supply your own. here are a couple of links to three different sets of in ears at different price points (most of the team uses Shure) Vocalist currently DO not need in ears, vocalists use floor monitors.




Band (App): We use the free app “Band” to communicate with our teams. Click Here to See how to Download the app. Make sure to enable notifications so you can stay up on communication from us. This is our primary communication tool, even over email or text.

Planning Center: 
We will be doing all of our team and song scheduling through Planning Center “Services”. When you join the team you will be added to Planning Center and receive a welcome email with an instructional video on how to use it.  Please install the Planning Center Services Application on your smartphone.  Click the correct link to find it in the  iTunes store or  Google Play store. 

Block Out Dates:
It is very important that you promptly block out dates that you know you are unable to serve for those months so we can begin scheduling the teams. Lack of availability due to holidays, vacation, or health issues is understandable and will be taken into account. However a pattern on non-participation (including lack of availability and excessive substitutions) will require a reassessment of ministry involvement.

We will be scheduling teams one month in advance and we will be sending song sets out 3 to 4 weeks in advance (usually on Tuesdays). This means you have plenty of time to prepare for the week you are scheduled to serve. We expect you to come to rehearsal  fully prepared and knowing your parts well. God deserves our very best. Please make sure you are practicing your parts at home (practicing with your instrument, listening to the recordings, noting arrangement and dynamics, learning your specific parts, working towards memorization). Remember,  Practice is Personal, Rehearsal is Relational. As a worship staff, we will always do our best to give you the tools you need to succeed.

Rehearsals: Rehearsal times are as follows: Wednesday – 6:00pm, Sunday AM – 9am. Please be punctual to rehearsal times.  In some cases we only have one hour to get five songs sounding great. In all cases, we ask that all musicians be off the stage 30 minutes before service, so attendees can come into the sanctuary and spend time with the Lord. 

Set Up Time: If your instrument requires extra time to set up (ie: drums, electric guitar, etc.), please arrive to the sanctuary early enough to get everything ready for rehearsal start time.

Clean Stage: One of our goals as a worship team is to remove as many distractions as possible so people can focus on Jesus. This also includes removing clutter on the stage. Any coats, jackets, purses, water bottles, coffee mugs, or instrument cases should be left backstage. After service, if you are one of the few musicians who leaves your gear here (guitar amps, pedals, etc.) please put them away backstage.

Dress Code: Dress code for Sunday Mornings is casual. Jeans, Button up shirts, slacks for the guys. Jeans, Nice blouse, skirt, dress pants for the ladies. Nice, dark jeans and a collared T-Shirt is fine. The point is to be presentable and avoid sloppiness. Needless to say, no tight fitting or revealing clothing for the women (or men). 🙂 Please no holey jeans.

Sit In Service: The pastoral team has asked that all musicians sit in the service and under the teaching of the Word.

Emergency Contacts: If you have an emergency and can’t make it to your assigned service, please let one of the worship staff know as soon as possible. Austin’s Cell is (954)-477-5766,

Backstage Rules: Backstage is for scheduled team members only. If you are not scheduled, you can quickly come in and say hi, but please do not hang out in the room if you are not on the schedule for that week. This includes spouses, significant others, friends, family, etc. The purpose of backstage is to have a private place for the  scheduled team to rest, fellowship, pray, and prepare. Also, if you eat backstage, please clean up your trash and any mess.

Worship Collectives / Potlucks: Every quarter we will have a Worship Collective for ALL worship ministry volunteers (music, tech, audio, video, media) in the entire church. This is a critical part of our ministry, and is where we grow in unity, cast vision, provide training, and grow together spiritually. We will also host occasional potlucks for the main sanctuary team. Part of being involved in the worship team means to make it a priority to be at these events. While it is not mandatory, it is HIGHLY encouraged.

90 Days: Whew! You made it to the bottom of this list! Give yourself a high five! In order to take the time to get to know you (and you us) and to make sure that the worship team is a good fit for you, we have a 90 day probational period for all new team members. This is a time to grow, ask questions, and give it your best. We will make sure communication lines are open and that we are having honest dialogue with you about any concerns. Thanks for joining our team! We are so thrilled to have you serve God with us!​

Sincerely, Austin – Worship Leader