Our Tools

We use two tools to communicate with our team members. “Band” (for general communication) and Planning Center Services (for scheduling main sanctuary volunteers) . Below you will find instructions on how to install each of the apps. Please install them on your smartphone and enable the notifications. 

Once installed don’t forget to add a photo of yourself and finish filling out your profile information: Your Birthday, Phone number, and all other important info!


Band is the primary communication tool for ALL of our volunteers throughout the church. Please install the app, enable notifications, and keep it somewhere visible on your smartphone’s home screen. Once you have downloaded the app, come back to this page on your mobile phone and CLICK HERE

Planning Center Services

Planning Center Services is the app we use for all our volunteer scheduling in our main sanctuary. If you are joining the main sanctuary worship team, or are involved in technical arts for the main (audio, video, lighting, pro-presenter), please install this app and wait for an “invite” email from your ministry leader.

Schedules are sent out by the first Monday of each month, and volunteers are expected to respond to their scheduling requests within 3 days of receiving them.

PLEASE watch these videos on how to properly utilize Planning Center this app is VITAL to our ministry