Musician Training

We want our musicians to help the church sing by showing up fully prepared, playing with tasteful excellence, serving the song through simplicity and supporting the vocal. 

The 7 C’s Of Being A Great Team Member

Great team members are constantly working on their character, their craft, their commitment, their coachability, their chemistry, their charisma (stage presence), and their communication. Please listen to this 12 minute audio podcast to learn fully what this means. This is very important to your success in this ministry.  The 7 Traits Of A Great Worship Team Member (listen or read)​

Practice Is Personal, Rehearsal Is Relational

We expect all our musicians to be practicing their sets at home and preparing ahead of time for rehearsal, so that when they arrive to rehearsal they already know not just how to play the song, but the specific parts that their instrument needs to play for each  section of the song. The mp3 files in Planning Center are a reference for structure and dynamic, there are also MP3 files to learn individual parts, please listen to your instruments particular part and learn it BEFORE rehearsal.​ Also, please read this article on   Musical Excellence In Worship

Simple Is Better

In most cases, a simple musical part that works well with the other instruments and stays out of the way of the vocals is better than a busy or flashy part. Please listen to these 2 podcast episodes to learn about playing in parts, and tasteful musical simplicity. Playing In Parts and  Embracing Simplicity

Stage Presence Matters

Just because you’re hiding behind an instrument doesn’t mean you can have a sour face. 🙂  Believe it or not, how we hold ourselves on stage can either help or hinder the congregation from worship. We should use our whole bodies to encourage the congregation to worship God with all their strength. This means demonstrating for them what passionate, wholly-engaged worship looks like. Please read this short article on stage presence and countenance in worship.    Stage Presence

Main Sanctuary New Member Info

If you’ve been added to the main sanctuary rotation, CLICK HERE to see important info specific to you. Be sure to save this information for future reference. ​​